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Rob Liefeld: He will never ever ever go away

"Fans who have fallen away from the moronic depiction of Deadpool that has been presented of late will find Bloodstrike more their liking. This is modern, rogue, mercenary action-adventure. Tons of great concepts, as well. Tim Seeley put his Grant Morrison hat on and has some great big ideas." -- Rob Liefeld

Liefeld has announced that he's restarting Extreme Studios and relaunching a bunch of his old characters in new titles. First he'll be turning into comics those unpublished Alan Moore scripts for Supreme and Youngblood that he's been sitting on all these years. After that he'll be moving onto new material. "Youngblood" will be by one of the screenwriters for the Aranofsky flick "Black Swan." More here.

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All of this is true. I'm just calling attention to this one thing.
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