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well in many ways she is a green rookie. she has skills, but she has never gotten the amount of kind of training most of the other titans and/or bats have. this is coming from someone who absolutely loves her. she's good, but not on their level right now... basically Kate is telling Bette that she has to "Unlearn what she has learned"
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I think my problem stems from the question; So what makes a heroic rookie like Kate such an expert on what would make Bette a better hero?
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honestly it comes down to training. Kate has had far much more training than Bette ever had. Just her military training alone, then the two years of seals, special forces, and above training she received while traveling. she could probably kill with her pinky... so yeah on that level, Kate excedes her. Bette may have been in the game longer, and is not without talent, but it is not near Kate's level yet.
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True, but Bette has years of roofrunning, working with the Titans (though lord knows what remains of that now) and taking down bad guys herself, and has much more experience with THAT skillset.

Kate just seems to be expecting absolute obedience, whilst showing her no respect in return.
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It's not a lack of respect. Batte wanted in. Kate agreed, do long as she can trust she can handle herself. Bette can leave any time she wants. She kate is training her west point style. If she didn't respect her, or think she can handle it, she wouldn't give her the time of day

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"working with the Titans (though lord knows what remains of that now)"

It's mentioned in the first issue.

BETTE: I've worked with the Titans--I've faced down Deathstroke.
KATE: Must've been on his off day.

As for how she's treating Bette, considering her background, I guess she's kind-of on the R. Lee Ermy school of teaching.