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From the NYCC "Young Justice" panel (as in the branch of the DCNu with teen characters, rather than the animated series)

SPOILERS under the cut... be warned!

This is the cover to issue five, showing what appears to be Bart, dressed as Tim, making fun of Kon (and apparently using a new power on him too)

Okay, calm down icon_uk, just remember that Bart is WAAAAY to young for you,

From the Newsarama coverage, which also added a rather annoying tweak to the ne w Blue Beetle set up, but that's for someone else to post about.

Teen Titans editor Bobbie Chase then came onto the stage to talk about her book, which had a cover for Issue #5 with Kid Flash running circles around Superboy and seemingly striking him with lightning.

"I hope everyone who's picking up Teen Titans is also picking up Superboy, which are very tied together," Chase said. "It's going to take until Issue #7 to firmly establish what his place is in the Teen Titans group."

Not only are these character meeting each other for the first time, Chase said, in the New 52, this is the first incarnation of Teen Titans, ever.

I think that warrants a small "ARGH!" on my part, even without knowing what that really means in terms of teases.

When a fan asked what that meant for Starfire's previous relationships, mentioned in Red Hood and the Outlaws, Chase said that those relationships did happen, but they didn't necessarily happen as Titans.

And this is where my headache gets worse. If there wasn't a Titans team, what did the team that Dick, Kory and the as yet unknown Dustin call itself? And does this mean Dick isn't the group strategist we've seen him be for decades now?.

The family aspect of the book will have to evolve over time, because the Titans are still learning to trust one another.

One fan asked if Tim Drake was still an orphan, Chase said she wouldn't answer, but said he was still part of the Bat-family, something that would be reflected upon soon.

It would never have occured to me to ask that, as I'd have assumed it was a given.

When asked about Wally West, Chase responded, "who?"


A fan asked who the smoky girl on the cover of the first issue was, and Chase said it was Solstice. Chase also confirmed that there were plans for both Beast Boy and Raven.

THAT was Solstice? Was it really THAT much to have a positive, glowing light based character on this eam? I mean, really? Okay.. okay... maybe it's just a different manifestation of ehr powers that she was always meant to have and which we'd have seen even if the relaunch had never happened.


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Hell, at this point we don't even know if the Dibneys existed, let alone went through all that BS in Identity Crisis.

I still wanna see The Dibney Mysteries. Even if they are still dead, you could have them as a modern version of Topper.


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