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Solomon Grundy @ NYCC

This is officially my favourite picture of Grundy ever! :D

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I think this is pretty much sums up how a lot of people are feeling right now, myself included. I'm just choosing not to think about it at this point. :/

For legality, Batman bitch-slapping Rorschach needs to be made canon!

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Other than that I have nothing else useful to add. :P
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God, could you imagine what would have happened if Rorschach actually was in Countdown?
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frank miller take off that batman costume


on second thought don't
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He'd get curbstomped by all the metahumans after setting TDK Batman on fire, in the story.

Outside the story, fans would kick up a fuss and scream about it, and Alan Moore would say, like, one or two things and everyone would either call him a hack becausehejustrippedofftheCharltoncharactersandnaturallywasnttoldheandGibbonscouldntusethem, or proclaim him the Messiah. Alan would then sigh loudly, absorb two young nubile sacrifices into his beard, and retreat into his home and proceed to continue writing one comic a year that puts most of the Big Two's output to shame.