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Jarvis is awesome

Greetings True Believers!

Do you know who is made of awesome? Edwin Fucking Jarvis, that's who.

These scans are from Avengers #280. Jarvis is recovering from the vicious assault he suffered from the hands of Mr. Hyde (occurred when the Masters of Evil III invaded the Avengers mansion).

Jarvis has a decision to make about staying with the Avengers.


The doctor informs Jarvis that he might also have brain damage from the torture Hyde inflicted on him.

Tony arrives.

Jarvis wonders if he'll ever feel safe again and since it's Jarvis, he's more worried about the Avengers then himself.

Flashback time: Jarvis thinks of the first time he met the Avengers. Tony actually had a full staff but they freaked and quit at the sight of the heroes, only the big J stuck it out.

He meets the rest of them and fondly remembers Jan/Hank before their relationship went south.

The original Avengers move on but Cap and his Kooky Quartet hit the scene.

Jarvis thinks of Avengers past and present, how Ultron brainwashed him into betraying the team and the different friendships he's made. Including with one synthozoid.

Jarvis thinks some more and admits his worry and fear and thinks that the Avengers mansion is no place for a "Gentleman's Gentleman".

But then he thinks of all the challenges individual Avengers have overcome, Tony and his boozing, Cap building a new life in the present, Jan and Hank becoming friends again.

That is Edwin Jarvis. Founding Avenger and Earth's Mightiest Butler!

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Edwin Jarvis:




This post fills me with happy. Who's scripting and doing art, here?
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Inking is by Kyle Baker, for sure. GCD says the pencils were Bob Hall, and the script by Bob Harris.