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"He will choose a form that inspires uncontrollable lust in them".
Am I the only one thinking of the implications here? Leda was visited by a swan, Europa by a bull, and Danae by golden showers. So either Zeus has upped his game in recent years, or the Greeks liked them some strange.
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I was thinking exactly the same xDD
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O_O..... well, there was the mintaur... Mino's wife did kinda fall for a bull... of course the gods messed with them... but it has happened.... incase you didn't notice, in greek mythology, anytime there is sex, there is a baby....

also... wasn't Leda a swan too at the time? (the myths get jumbled sometime...)
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ah never mind about the Swan stuff, i guess she wasn't a swan at the time... you know what, to be honest... when it comes to greek mythology (any mythology really) i just, kinda go with it...
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Is this really a question?