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Avengers #18

Greetings True Believers!

A nice issue.

Cap says something that I think is totally spot-on.

Mockingbird gives a certain twosome the stink-eye.

Wong is a sour-puss.

And it's time for an Avengers sleep-over and draft!


Rogue and Loki as Avengers? I like that. Both fought them as villains (Hel, Loki is the reason the Avengers exist in the first place).

But Wade? I love him but no, just no.

Cap is right. We should have those fucking tower rebuilt by 2003. Fucking Bushhco.

Since the Tower is gone, all the Avengers pile into Luke's swinging Avengers Mansion.

Man! Wong is crabby nowadays.

And now Clint wishes he had Sue's powers. Heh.

Oh Peter. The art, I'm on the fence about it. I like and dislike it at the same time.
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Again. I am confused. I can understand why Clint and Bobbi aren't married now but, weren't they working on it and back together? Not to mention in New Avengers he was so desperate to save her life, yet in Avengers is making googley eyes at Spider-Woman. Someone help me out here.
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Wong is usually nice from what I've seen. Someone's jealous.
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Re: Also

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He's just cranky. His baby dragon (he totally has one) pooped outside its box.
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I think they broke up again toward the end of their solo title.
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They broke up due to the same reason they did in the 80s. Clint believes Super Heros have to hold themselves to a higher standard than everyone else. Bobbi is a spy/ex-SHIELD agent so killing, torture and the like are part of the job. They still love each other, but Clint walked away when he realized Bobbi had no problem doing the same things super villains did if that's what it took to stop them.
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So promptly he hooks up with Jessica Drew who is an agent of SHIELD/HYDRA/SWORD. That won't create the exact same frictions!

(Bendis writes a pretty kill-happy Clint, though.)
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Yeah, Bendis has never gotten Hawkeye in the slightest. He writes the worst Clint Barton EVER.