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All His Yester-Birthdays

Four scans from Captain America #50 (thanks to a fluke, Marvel gets to do an issue #50 and an issue #600 back-to-back).

This issue is another in a long line of one of Captain America's staple features: characters flashing back to escapades in the war years.  In this case, the theme is Bucky's various birthdays.  His 16th, when he crashed a base jeep and got thrown in jail, before being told he would be sent to the UK to train with the SAS for a few months (and, soon after returning, was made Cap's partner); his 20th, just weeks before his and Steve's war ended in battle with Zemo (in which he and Steve went to a bar after Steve speechified a Nazi into telling them where Zemo was), and this one, his 18th, in 1943, when he, Steve, Jim "Human Torch" Hammond and Toro were hanging out in Nazi-occupied Poland.  Toro secretly ordered a cake made, and wants to have a party; Steve and Jim both say no, because they don't want to blow their cover, but Toro says he already ordered the cake, so there's no going back.  Bucky enters and asks what's going on.

The matron's a Nazi sympathizer ("I didn't know!" protests Toro), but Master Man and Warrior Woman bust in.

The present-day story is Bucky fighting some members of the Watchdogs, who idolized Steve and are out to kill the pretender (and blow up quite a bit of New York City in the process).  He wins, obviously, and returns home to get some sleep, grousing that Luke Cage better not have used all the hot water again.

He's a sprightly 84, Clint.

And, really, everybody but Peter and Logan is now living rent-free at his house, so the least you could do would be to throw him a party.

Careful, Natasha; you can't be less than 75 yourself.

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Obligatory "What's Ms Marvel doing there isn't she dead" comment.

But yeah. At least he's accepted.

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Amen. It's really getting to be tiresome and insulting.

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Who's the girl with her arm around spidey?

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That would be Mockingbird (!

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Of course! I completely blanked that she was back.

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I don't know why, but for some reason, the idea of Spidey wearing his mask still and throwing some shapes as he wishes Bucky happy birthday just had me cackling for about ten minutes.

Also, Mockingbird's face in the second to last panel says 'you WILL make a wish, bitch'.

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Such is the true meaning of Spidey!
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...Not taking off masks.

It gets very awkward when he sneezes.

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And has several times. Remember the issue he got a cold during Christmas?

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Wow he will deff. hook up with Balck widow that night.

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Am I in the minority here that wants Bucky to stay as Cap? I know there's that rumor going around that Steve is coming back in a few months, but I feel we haven't had a real chance to explore Bucky as Cap yet...

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It hasn't been a bad run, and although I keep planning to take it off my pull list, I haven't. He's interesting enough, without an untold amount of angst.

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Aww. *g*

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Is that baby Danielle? Luke and Jessica's baby? Wasn't she missing after Secret invasion? I've missed something haven't I? Has anyone seen my medication? ::looks around frantically, falls over::