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Wolverine and the X-men #1

Well, the new X-men title is here, and of course based on my current favorite person in the world, mayhem ensues.

One page, and one page only, do you need to get an idea as to where this book is headed.

"But when I flushed the toilet, it shot fire."

The Danger Room... is in the men's bathroom.

Oddly enough, very appropriate.

I bought 4 copies, one for me, and the others to share with my friends who have left comics.. to remind them why we got into comics in the first place.
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I will never be a Bachalo fan, and storywise though this is fairly cute, I have issues with a barely-in-her-early-20's young woman, even one with a flair for physics and computer science, being a headmistress (did she even stay in college long enough to get a degree?), and I also have issues with such an incredibly bigoted statement from the School Inspector about "peace-loving non-mutated portions of our population."
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Anti-mutant bigotry is not covered under the civil rights laws.
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The whole human-mutant bigotry is such an old old angle, but you don't expect them to ever give it up to you?
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Hon, I know people who haven't given up racism yet.
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In our New York, there are several town clerks that have simply declared that they won't marry same-sex couples in their jurisdiction, despite it being the law in NY. Post-Civil War MU bureaucrats can probably get away with all sorts of crap.

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General Marvel populace are bigoted fearful expletives. As far as Kitty, I see where you're coming from, but she's probably just as qualified as Logan is.

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Kitty Pryde is barely in her early 20's? I know there's a sliding timescale and all but wasn't she like 17 back in oh, 1977? and yeah... bad art is bad; Kitty should look like Allison Brie, not Zhang Ziyi. But the story idea is really, really cute.
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No, she was 13 when she debuted. And with Claremont de-aging her, it was still a matter of some debate whether she should be old enough to tend bar a few years back. She's also on a par or younger than most of the New Mutants.
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I can see her teaching computer science and fencing like advertised, but I too question making her headmistress. Do schools even have a headmaster and mistress? Can't she be vice-principal or something?
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well this is like an Academy. Not just a school. its students usually live on campus. So headmaster/headmistress is a better fit than Principal and Vice
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I took it less as blatant bigotry and more as subtle bigotry with an emphasis on how many times their school will be attacked and the dangers to the students and nearby counties. Genuine skeptical concern, with just a touch of racism.
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Scepticism would be perfectly understandable, and an interesting POV, but there's no need to phrase it so racist-ly.
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Oh no, there is definitely at least a little racism in there, but I don't think that's the core of the comment.

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Well Kitty was the Admin. liaison to the student body/student advisor during Whedon!Astonishing so she has some experience dealing with students on a more personal basis.
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And she was pretty poor at that IIRC, since the one time we saw her talking to anyone (Wing) she ended up losing her temper and threatening him with eternal detention because he'd dared to point out that her rather facile comments about how Dr Rao's mutant cure would never catch on, failed to reflect the lives of a great many mutants who would happily be rid of their mutations.

(Admitteddly, he didn't phrase his disagreement well, akin to Miller's ASBAR comment from Bruce to Dick, but his point was valid)

And whilst being a Student Advisor is a fine and noble calling, it's also completely unlike the role of "Headmistress", assuming that it's use here has any bearing on the actual role as it is generally understood.