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The Jean Grey School Brochure

It's little touches like this that make me glad I pick up a comic...


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Bobby, technically is an accountant with an MA. Havok is a geologist. Kitty has some sort of degree in something(?)

Why don't they have Cecelia Reyes teaching Bio or Chem? Or Xavier teaching bio or chem? Those two are actually doctors in their fields...

(And, yes, I get this is a gag. But for being a "school" they have surprisingly few qualified teachers. Also, I see no note that parents shoudl take out life insurance on their children as there is a good chance they will get killed within the year.)
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isn't cecilia still on Utopia?
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having belligerent sexual tension with Remi
EVERYONE has beligerent sexual tension with remy :D
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she;s the exception what proves the rule... seriously there were times when i thought WOlverine was going to either punch him or kiss him.... then again... i think that wolverine is ALWAYS on the verge of kissing or punching/killing people.
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"[...] having belligerent sexual tension with Remi [...]"

Has this actually happened in the comics? Cus I'd have to find them. And then curse that it's not Beast. Actually Cecilia-Beast-Gambit is the most entertaining idea for a love triangle I've heard in ages. That's certainly a different dynamic. And it could end by Gambit suggesting a threesome, which Cecilia is excited about and Beast goes along for the new experience and to make Cecilia happy. OT3.
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If Kitty has a degree, and I don't think we have any evidence she has, it would be in computer science or astrophysics, her two specialities.
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There was a whole miniseries about ten years back that focussed on Kitty Pryde's college life. Can't say I read it.
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And I don't recall her graduating in that either.
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Astrophysics, really? I never pegged her for that field. Even if she has tons of experience of breaking the laws of physics in space.
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Yeah, it was always a little odd.

I believe it was a bone of contention with Byrne and Claremont when creating her. Byrne wanted her to be a much more average kid, no unexpected areas of mental brilliance, but Claremont wanted her to be a child prodigy as well as a mutant.

She was also brilliant at electronic engineering and computer hardware, one reason why she and Doug got on; she built the computers, he programmed them.
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I remember once theorising what a parents trip around Xaviers would be like, as Charles shows hem around the various facilities...

The John Proudstar Gymnasium

The Douglas Ramsey Memorial Language Laboratory and Media Centre

The Piotr Rasputin Memorial Arts Centre

The Ilyanna Rasputin Memorial Dark Arts Centre

and so on... (It WAS a while ago)
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The Ilyanna Rasputin Memorial Dark Arts Centre