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Batman: Bloodstorm

In my opinion, 'Bloodstorm' is the best of the 'Batman Vampire' saga, and I would recommend you find the real thing as there's a lot of good stuff that I had to excise. Picking up from where 'Red Rain' left off, Dracula is dead but Batman is now a vampire and must deal with his thirst.

The story begins with Batman out on patrol when he discovers the body of a woman attacked by vampires. He realizes that there must be another nest of Dracula's vampires somewhere in the city, and that he still has work to do.

Back with Joker and his vampire clan, he tells them that it's time to stop feasting on the weak and the homeless but to engorge their ranks on richer blood. The vampires start attacking various mafia families in Gotham.

Batman realizes something is up with the vampires making attacks on high-profile figures. He stakes some of them, but one of them calls him out on his apparent hypocrisy in hunting his own kind. Batman responds that he's not like them and doesn't take blood, but the other tells him that it's only a matter of time before he succumbs to his thirst. Batman kills him, but is disturbed by what he has heard.

The undead can't cross running water, and Creach is unable to pursue her.

After a week, all of Gotham's crime families are now vampires, and the Joker believes them to be untouchable. Once all of Gotham is turned, he declares, they'll go national.

Batman infiltrates a nightclub that the vampires have taken over, and discovers that the Joker is running things. He dispatches of the vampires there but is almost tempted by a woman who had yet to be turned.

Creach tells Joker that he's worried about Batman taking down their kind, but Joker tells him not to worry and that he'll set a trap.

Batman manages to overcome Catwoman and is about to stake her. Catwoman tells him to go ahead, he turned her so he should end it.

Later, Alfred brings Batman some sustenance.

Batman and Catwoman proceed to take down more vampires, and Batman decides to ask Alfred for help.

Meanwhile, during the day, Alfred and Gordon stake and behead vampires in their coffins.

The vampires' ranks are seriously depleted, with only fifteen left in the entire city. Creach blames Joker for this, saying that the vampires "living large" have just made them easier to hunt down and kill. Joker says that it's not too late, that there's still time to set a trap for Batman.

Batman and Catwoman follow the Joker to Parish of the Rosy Cross, where the vampires are waiting for them armed with crossbows bolted with wooden stakes.

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