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Boy, that coloring got pretty bad there. Tsk.

Jean might be coming back soon. Frankly, this is something I sorta want to avoid. Let me be clear. Jean is one of my all time favorite characters. I can and will go on at length talking about the evolution of her character, how she fits in with the X-universe, the dynamics of power, etc.

The big problem is that X-universe is howling pit of misery and pain and coming back just means putting her back on the chopping block. I would love a story where she comes back from the dead, flips everyone off, and goes to live a normal life somewhere far away from Scott Summers and his cursed penis.

In my head-canon, Jean's been back for a while. She and Wanda live in San Francisco together, sharing a small apartment. Wanda works at an alternative bookstore while Jean splits her time between working at a Teen crisis center and getting her psych doctorate. (She got her Masters during X-factor, I think.) They have a quiet, but happy life together.

(I know Wanda came back in Children's Crusade. I'm waiting to see how that plays out too.)

Hopefully Marvel will come up with something I like better. Until then, I have my head-canon.

Also, yes, Jean briefly had tentacles. I kinda wish she'd kept them. She seemed to like them and got good at using them in combat.

Also also, skipped most of the 90s comic-wise, so there's a big chunk of time missing from this.

For more Scarlet Witch/Marvel Girl, read X-men: First Class. Or, heck go back to the early comics.


The evidence was there since Day 1.

Date: 2011-10-27 06:51 pm (UTC)
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It's more what the tentacles heading down towards her... ummmm. nether areas are planning on doing whilst they are there.


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