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Avengers Academy #21 preview

ComicBookResources has the preview.

Fresh faces everywhere.

Forgive me, I'm lazy, but I am not going to put everyone of those kids into the tags.

Savage She-Hulk?

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What? No Emma?
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i really hope she ends up showing up later. i mean its a SCHOOL! and its on the west coast!...

Side bar... i was wondering... Anya tood the anitdote for the spider-power thing.... but the way it ened... it made it feel like she still had her spider-powers... that "THWIP at the end, was a web Thwip... not just a line... and the webline that came out looked... webby... as does the one above.... does she still have the organic webs? i dont remember her using web shooters....

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Well considering that Anya didn't turn into a giant Spider monster and that Arachne and the Wasp Queen referred to her as a "true Spider", I don't think she got her powers from the Spider-Island incident.

Now where those powers came from... well I have no idea.

She took the antidote because it was mandatory, but taking the antidote she can keep her secret identity. It just didn't take her powers away.
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I don't know much about this series, but why would Emma want to teach a bunch of non-mutant, junior Avengers?
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Heh, I probably should've been clear I was referencing the recent Emma/Danger post.