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Winter comes again. has the announcement that a certain star spangled mantle will be taken up once more.

Edit: Now with SPOILERS from Fear Itself 7.1, as the information on the preview and the last page of the issue are confusing.

James "Bucky" Barnes is dead. But the Winter Soldier lives on.

Who is this new masked marauder?

Edit: Looks like I was misinformed. Last page from Fear Itself 7.1

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I'd be glad to see him back, and interested in finding out how he's still alive/is reborn (:P) but...this is rather fast, isn't it? But I suppose it depends on *when* in 2012.

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It's all explained in Fear Itself 7.1. But basically, he was only ever mostly dead. And both LMDs and the Infinity Formula are involved.
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Ah, I see. Thanks for that clarification! I'm not following this comic but I do like the character, so that's good to know.
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er..."this comic" meaning Fear Itself.