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DAT ASS: Superman #3 Edition

those are some Buns of steel Is this Nicola or Byrne?

OH on a totally UN ass related note, I got an A-on my paper about Barbara Gordon! My professor LOVED it, (particularly the details and the conclusion, which she said gave her chills!) i want to thank all you guys for your help when it came to editing AND finding source materials. for those of you curious, i posted my paper on my tumblr page, if you havent read it, feel free to stop by.
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Congrats on your A!
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Congrats on the A!

So, Superman is fighting a Maytag demon? Or is this from his wild weekend in Ibiza that he never speaks of?
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Thank you! That looks like a Pérez work to me.

Yay for the A. Oh, and not just the A of T&A, your grade also... XD
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That looks like a Pérez work to me.

And it is - he's done every cover for the series, so far. Jesus Merino does the actual art, but Pèrez, as well as writing, does the covers, and breakdowns.
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"I got an A-on my paper about Barbara Gordon" is the best education related thing I've ever read!
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+10 observation
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Congratulations on the grade.

As for the scan, that is a TOP bottom!

Looking at the tags though, who is George Byrne? :)
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Very big congratulations to you. :)
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Congrats on the paper!!! YAY!!!
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anytime! that's great! You really, really worked hard and I love your writing!

I'll be more help with my specialty areas - with work experience plus degrees in social science, management and nursing, I'm handy with the social sciences, natural sciences and business (including legal and insurance).

Plus all the knowledge about ponies!!!
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Well, the DCnU is bringing us some nice Butts... and that's sumthin'
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we got that going for us!!!

(the Merabutt isn't a DCnU butt, it's a ButtClassic!!!)
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Congrats on your paper :)
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I love how his belt has a little arrow pointing at DAT ASS.

And it is Perez, cuz Supes's hair is awesome.

Congrats on your grade!
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This is the one big improvement over the old Superman costume -- the way the cape moves allows a lot more butt shots.

I liked the old cape, when it was really long. It had a sort of regal quality to it. But I like this one too. It has great movement, it drapes gracefully, and did I mention the butt shots... :-)