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One page from New Mutants 32 - It's as easy as 01, 10, 11

The various members of the team discuss what to do in the wake of Regenesis

I love these two, and that smug little smile of Doug's in that last panel (Though one has to wonder what he was saying in the second one)

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doug needs to eat something... that soup will not do... he needs some meat and potatoes....
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yeah but he doesn't look skinny, he looks gaunt. shallow cheek bones, shadows under the eyes. i seriously looks like he hasn't eaten or slept since Hell/hel.... it's not very attractive... i can only imagine his tooshie has gotten so bony.... and we all know how much you love tooshie :D
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There are worse people to turn into. Tommy Wiseau for example.
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I wouldn't mind it, I could even like it, if pretty well every appearance since his resurrection hasn't been super-buff. It just seems odd to suddenly switch.
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Just had to say I love the icon.
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Hey, he didn't say anything!

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Bah, such a small number of 1s and 0s wouldn't convey any useful information. Should have been far more of them, in smaller text, with a ... at the end to indicate there were many more being said.

Silly non computer people.
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Re: Only if you rule out...

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yeah, or worse, they could have pre-generated "vocabulary" with phrases and concepts uniquely referenced. So they're not talking in binary so much as reciting binary tags to stuff they've already shared, like a monster version of shrinking strings using base256.
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Re: Only if you rule out...

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Or the old joke about the scientists who know all their favorite jokes and so number them and when they want to tell one of them, they just yell out the number.
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Re: Only if you rule out...

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"it ain't corny, it's compression!"
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hmm they should hook up with Madison Jeffries... take that as you will :D
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No Nemesis?
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+ Aaron Stack and Jocasta
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Aaron is full of very useful devices.
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Being a gigantic nerd, I tried to decipher (ha!) Doug's first speech bubble -- it's not even gibberish, if you try to decode it to ASCII. I didn't bother with the other ones after the first failed.

Too bad. If it had been me writing this I totally would have put in U-U-D-D-L-R-L-R-B-A-S-T-A-R-T.
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That's adorable. There's not enough Warlock and Doug just hanging out together and being geeks. Love Warlock's smug 'I won' face in the last panel :)
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DO those mean anything, like Reboot's "Take My Wife" joke, or was that just pointless numbers?
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Best friends/self understand each other!

It's a thing of beauty.
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P.S. You Scanblocker!

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I picked this up today after work and was reading NM and thought, "Oh cool, I'm so going to post this Doug/Warlock page on SD if icon_uk has beaten me to the punch."

But I got home and you already had.

Scanblocker! :D
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Judging by Warlock's pose, the binary in that last panel translates to "Self/friend want to come round to self's place? Bouncy, bouncy!"
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I do love Warlocks goofy, cartoonish facial expressions.
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Me too :'3
Such a fun charact er to look at/feature in a story.