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Why is this comic so dull?
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What's this comics deal?! This month it's violent TV shows, last month it was violent video games. Up yours, you whiny asshole writer.
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You know, if I saw "#RushRules" trending, I would cluelessly add to the trend by going "Hell yeah, Fly by Night is a great song! One of my favorites! #RushRules"

I like to think this happened in the comic as well, and that's *really* why it's trending.
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Can we get a new artist on this book? I like the art honestly but....I keep seeing Roy! He looks like Roy excepted his red hair is now blonde! Plus again..james bond esque archer is Roy's schtick! You know what? I sound like a broken record now. Screw it.

P.S. - If the artist on JLI draws Ollie to look like Connor Hawke one more time... I will do like Linkara and start burning some books. Draw Ollie like Ollie!
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So...when will Giffen take over the book?
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Why do writers always assume Bloodsport is only one step away from happening in a modernized culture without a massive, sprawling underclass of second class citizens to support it?
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so boring that I could barely parse the dialog.
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I'm glad Green Arrow has given a preachy sermon to us all warning us of the dangers of something THAT DOESN'T FUCKING EVEN EXIST. I swear, I knew from the very start of this that this story would end with him delivering a lecture. And this is so by-the-numbers that I was right, how sad is that?

I mean, even as an analogy or metaphor it stands up as well as a typical episode of QUINCY. Some older readers may recall the punk rock episode, which still had more relevance to real life than this thing.

Idiocy, all three issues, and boring at that. I'll be interested to see how Nocenti can save this big piece of generic blank.