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Jean and Wanda

More of my favorite not really canon couple, the original Marvel Girl Jean Grey and Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch!

First, some scans from the book that launched this particular ship, X-men First Class!


One of my favorite parts of that book were Wanda and Jean's little 'dates.'


Aw, look at that blush!

And now, my own fan stuff:


So, back to my head canon. Jean Grey and Wanda Maximoff are dating and living together in San Francisco. The two of them live quietly away from the superhero life, trying to keep their heads low and avoiding their old friends.

I figure once a month, they go on a nice date. Get all dressed up, go to a nice restaurant. Gotta watch the budget now that they're not being funded by bazillionares.

Also, Jean ate a sun once. In case the joke wasn't clear. Assuming I didn't ruining it by explaining it right now. Which I totally did.

Ugh, not my best anatomy. Also the licking lips panel is kinda weird. Whatever.


A not subtle at all homage to the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Wanda's been getting better, but she still needs to work out a few things. Shoulda probably had a panel or two of the cleaning items going evil, though.