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Some what Self Promotion

1 Image From Astonishing X-Men #2 (Whedon and Cassady's run)

Posting a link to my blog discussing Joss Whedon, Feminism and Astonishing X-Men

[personal profile] salinea was interested in reading about it and I thought maybe a few of you might be interested as well.

i tried to do the class justice, i hope i succeeded at least in part.

the discussions were really lively, and the only thing about it that i was disappointed about was that it was too damned short :D

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It's yaoi manga/dojinshi thing. Every male gay couple is seen through the lens of one being a top, the other being a bottom. Everyone. Always. There are only very few exceptions (in published manga), and as far as manga & anime fandoms, it sheds a large influence in how people write them.

I love D/s dynamics in my couples, but that shit gets tiresome fast.