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I'm sorry, I've heard you mention this once before, but I have to say that I deeply distrust the judgement of your source.

In a first instance, I'd trust moviebob first. But even excluding that, it must be said that Green Lantern was an awful movie.

I'm not talking bad, I'm not talking horrible; I'm talking 'dragged through the city plaza' awful.

It had bad characters, an awful structurization of a plot, it had sketchy morals and it undermined it's female characters at every turn while at the same time even insulting its male characters by their one-dimensionality. It didn't pick which genre it wanted to fit, it couldn't keep its power and distances concepts constant, it added scenes and clich├ęs left and right that no one should want to see in their right mind.

It had bad CGI, bad 3D, and awful acting(and I, unlike icon, didn't had any proper distractions in spandex to make it minimally compensating). And nothing short of a treatment like the Phantom Edit could save it from the status of awful.

Believe me, there is much more I could still say about this movie, but that would mean I had to re-watch it just to remember all the errors it made.


I needed that.

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