Date: 2012-01-19 11:46 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] newnumber6
Except people generally stay dead in the Ultimate Universe...

except Gwen Stacy, who died and came back.

and Green Goblin, who died several times and came back.

oh, and Beast, who died, came back, and died again.

and in recent Ultimate X-Men, (SPOILER) the possibility at least of Wanda, and more recently Professor Xavier having some life after they 'died' has been teased (although, granted, one looks to be mere hallucination and the other might well be a fake out).

"So that won't happen" just means it won't happen until it someone decides it SHOULD happen, and Bendis has been as guilty of that as anybody. My point stands, especially considering we have already seen other clones of Peter in a tube (before Peter's death) that haven't yet been dealt with in continuity, IIRC.

IF they wanted Peter back, they could pull the same sort of thing they did with Gwen... a clone with all his memories. To most people, that would be enough of an excuse.

I agree Miles is doing great so far though.
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