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Batgirl #3 - A reunion we've (Well, I have at any rate) been waiting for

As Babs meets Dick

Following the events on the train seen in the preview (Which doesn't end terribly well), Babs has to go through the slightly embarassing process of reclaiming her motorcycle from the Gotham City Vehicle Pound. There she runs into a certain well known acrobat, who seems to just want to see how she is. Babs is instantly on her gaurd in such situations...

Good to know that even in the DCNu, Dick hasn't changed THAT much; Kory,,, Babs,,, Roy!

And so the chase continues... it's quite cute and rather fun, though it's sort of easy to see where it's heading, and the staging and art of the chase and fight, both mock and real (you'll see) is excellent. Dick gets a little overprotective, Babs is maybe pushing away people who care about her. There is still no actual indication of how she's walking again I might add.

There's also a slightly random seeming (and not terribly clearly delineated) flashback scene where a younger Babs and Dick demonstrate their chase technique, it's... sort of appropriately athletic. I include this scan mostly because seeing a slightly younger Dick Grayson casually performing acrobatics whilst in a immaculate dinner jacket makes a little part of my hindbrain go "Hnnnnnnrg!" :) (Yes, I know this is Batgirls title, and I am sorry but I've still not been able to find a copy of Nightwing #2 at my LCS and I'm risking Dick-withdrawal here!*)

* What do you mean, double entendre?

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okay scrolled down to ther very bottom without looking, i don;t get my issue till tomorrow. is it good.... no don't tell me, yes tell me. i am not even looking up from my keyboard.... oh why did i click this... why

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I thought it was--the highlight and focus of the issue is definitely the Babs/Dick stuff, though there's some good stuff with her and Jim as well.