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Look's like Carlie decided to come back from her home planet...and with a new makeover to boot.

So once again, Carlie's Mary-Sueness is in full effect, having deduced what the cops around her couldn't figure out (especially since this isn't the first time in the Marvel universe that supervillains have killed people via dropping them from heights) and ends up looking better for it with the cops disrespecting her. Seriously, look at that cop's sneer. Poor Carlie, how could anyone hate her?

Of course, turns out Carlie has yet another new look with her only distinguishing factor in her appearance being that she has glasses.

Just a reminder, this was how Carlie looked last issue. This is becoming ridiculous now--has anyone ever thought of making a model sheet for the character to pass around to new artists for some sort of consistency? She's been around for years now and no artist has agreed on what she should look like. 

That's surprising..

Date: 2011-11-13 11:12 am (UTC)
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I'm surprised about you listing Michelle Gonzales there. I seem to remember there being a lot of negativity towards her character on these boards as well. (Though granted most of that was probably from Box_in a Box)

I could never really see Carol and Pete bonding. That one did seem a bit forced to me, as their personalities just seemed to clash, so I'm not surprised that it didn't go anywhere. Though I do always think that Pete would be better off with some sort of powered girlfriend. The guy just has way too many super-powered villains. Especially with what happened to Gwen.
I remember finding it quite realistic that Pete upon learning that Black Cat in the 80es didn't have the super-powers that he assumed she would have, started to back away from his relationship with her. He above everyone else, should realise the dangers he's putting his prospective girlfriends in. In fact didn't Felicia get horribly injured in a Dr Ock/Owl gang war?

I'm not too sure what Felica's power status is these days, but if she does indeed have her bad luck powers back, then I'd agree that she's probably a better match for Pete than Carlie.


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