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Here we are, with another Philémon post; in the previous volume, Philémon rescued Barthélémy and brought him back to his world. In this volume, Barthélémy is having trouble adjusting because he spent several years as a shipwrecked survivors on the island of A. Plus, he misses his friend, the centaur Vendredi. So he asks Philémon to help him return to the island of A.

Philémon takes him to his uncle, Félicien; you'll remember that in the previous album, he used a magical telescope to shrink the boy; so he's the perfect helper.

(I love the puddle of tears on the table). His uncle's idea is to inflate a seashell until it's big enough to open a hole back to the islands:

Unfortunately they miss the island and arrive on the dot at the top of the island of I:

Which is inhabited solely by a king. (A reference to The Little Prince?)

The king lives in an owl-house:

Since they're in the wrong place, they use the owl's eye beams to cross the ocean:

Only to fall down and get rescued by a whale submarine:

Which gets attacked by... I can't even explain what they're attacked by:

Anyway, Philémon and Bartélémy are kidnapped and taken to the Hanging Castle:

(what is that thread hanging onto?)

After a few incidents, they snap the thread and the castle falls in the ocean and sinks:

And they return to Philémon's world. But because that's a depressing ending, there's still this:

Wandering in the forest, Philémon discovers a child puppet who fell from its nest. Yes. And then he returns it to its family:

In the nest-theatre!

The end.

(original album has 53 pages).
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