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Just before the relaunch, DC did one final (though very short) Bertinelli!Huntress/Power Girl team-up for old times sake!

Considering this story is only 8 pages long and appears at the end of Superman/Batman #78, believe me when I say it was VERY difficult picking out only 1/3 of the pages to post. XP

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(Good thing it never occurred to Peege to tell Helena B about Helena Wayne then. I think that'd make Helena B feel a lot worse).

Anyway, Helena B continues to insist that she doesn't need Power Girl's help with earthquakes that hit Gotham. Peege, however, doesn't give up easily and goes on to inform her that Starrware detected a foreign entity crash-landing on Earth, which may have caused the earthquake.

Before they have a chance to investigate, the alien emerges and telepathically projects his own pain onto both Huntress and Power Girl, causing them to forcibly recall each of their own emotional baggage: Helena B is taken back to her memory of helplessly seeing her family murdered in front of her as a child, and Kara is recalls the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths eliminating Earth-2, and especially her losing Kal-L during Infinite Crisis, and being forced to destroy his Black Lanterned Corpse during Blackest Night.

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Shortly after this episode, the alien is revealed to be a child who's scared and lost. Helena B does what she does best and goes after the alien intending to capture it, and makes it known to Power Girl that she will use lethal force if he proves himself too dangerous (it is strongly emphasised that Helena learnt long ago "how to make tough decisions"). At this point, Kara is forced to realise how drastically different this Helena is from her Helena, and that contrary to her previous relationship with the latter, there is NO such thing as reasoning with Helena B once she has her mind set. So Peege is forced into a position of complete role-reversal, where *she* has to be the "voice of reason," whereas should this have been a different Helena, it would have been the other way around.

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Kara being an alien herself (in more than one way in this case) understands and explains to Helena B that the kid alien is stranded, to which Helena B very rudely responds with "just like you?"

And then, THIS heart-breaking moment:

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Moral of the story: This is why a friendship between Helena Bertinelli and Kara Zor-L could never work out. They only have angst in common, and Helena B masks hers with unrelenting anger, whereas Kara shows hers. It's a missed opportunity at best. :(

On second thought...that might change in DCnU if Helena B(?) is tied to Mister Terrific. If Dan DiDio stating that Crisis on Infinite Earths never happened, and the original Earth-2 is still around, then Helena Wayne is still alive and there is nothing for Power Girl to angst about. On that same note...Helena Bertinelli isn't the same angsty happy-to-kill-ya angry mafia princess she was before in DCnU either. Does this mean her Post-Crisis mafia upbringing is still in tact in DCnU and she simply learnt to make the best of a shitty situation? (Or is she really a stranded Helena Wayne masquerading around under an assumed alias?...As long as they don't go with "she had amnesia..." XP)


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