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They did :( I mean I never doubted it, especially with how much it messed Bruce up in particular, but I love seeing it on the page. And he definitely has more, I'd imagine; it's just sad to see him let this one go, cause I think instead of proving that he's really "moved on" it just proves that he's still hung up on his past, just in the "I'm going to ignore it ever existed since I can't deal with it" way. But YMMV :D
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Ohh sorry, it means your mileage may vary! Basically it means that's just my opinion and I can see why others wouldn't share it.
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"Your Mileage May Vary" - it's usually said as an acknowledgement that subjective preferences mean that you might not get as much out of something as someone else would.

So, for example, I enjoy my commissions a lot, but I appreciate that it's a very subjective thing, so you may not enjoy them as much, in that case "Your Mileage May Vary"

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It reminds me a bit of FitzChivalry burying his memories in the Stone Dragon at the end of the Farseer books, and how that screwed him up...