Date: 2011-11-19 11:36 am (UTC)
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"Amazons. Let's make them less like a family who refer to themselves as sisters and more like middle school bullies who pick on those who are different... for no good reason."

This assumes that the two are mutually exclusive, though; plenty of families have plenty of bullying dicks within them. Especially if the amount of people in the family numbers in the hundreds. It's not all endless love, niceness and support.

"If it's because she's different, that's a pretty lame excuse since she's about as much of a warrior as they are, especially now since she's got genuine amazon blood in her."

Prejudice ain't exactly rational, though. And we don't know how many of them knew she had genuine amazon blood and how many didn't.

"But does Diana try to console with the Amazons about this? No. Does she try to express how she feels in learning this recent revelation so that everyone can understand how she could be more Amazon than they had previously thought? No. Does she express any sort of love or compassion towards ANY of her Amazon sisters who have probably been nice and loving towards her since conception? No. She doesn't do anything to make her standing with the Amazons better."

Why exactly is all of this on Diana's shoulders, though? She's just learnt her entire life is based on a life, that there was apparently a conspiracy to keep the truth from her (and she doesn't know who's part of it and who isn't), she's feeling upset, betrayed and angry, and then she comes across her 'sisters' apparently conspiring against her. And since it seems pretty clear that there's a whole load of them who very much haven't been "nice and loving towards her since conception", why exactly would she feel particularly well-disposed to them at that point? She's not a robot.

"She's leaving her family, and the book wants me to think that this is an awesome moment. It's not."

It seems pretty clear to me that the book wants us to think that this is actually rather a sad moment coloured by betrayal and hurt than an awesome one.
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