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DCnU Karen Starr may still be Earth-2 Power Girl after all

So. Comicbook Resources recently interviewed Eric Wallace, and unsurprisingly, Peege is one of the questions that came up.

And because DC apparently has a strict no-spoilers rule in place (though admittedly they themselves aren't too good about that), Wallace could only reveal so much, but it's enough to get my Spidey senses tingling.

CBR: We've also got Karen Starr AKA Power Girl involved in these issues, though so far we've only seen her operating sans superhuman abilities. Is Power Girl de-powered? Is she going to continue to be a supporting character for Michael Holt rather than a superhero ally for Mr. Terrific?

EW: Sorry, but because of the no spoilers policy, I can't exactly say what's in store for Karen Starr. But I can say this: Karen's relationship with Michael Holt has already begun to sour, and there's a reason for this, one that is the beginning of something much bigger in both their worlds. This conflict will eventually lead to a major revelation about one of the biggest mysteries in Mister Terrific's life. So stay tuned.

Click for full article.

Hmmmm....I suppose this is good enough (I guess) to give me hope. But damn this doesn't change the fact that my Peege withdrawal in DCnU is killing me, and even moreso with her *implied* lady friend running solo in Italy at the moment. :(

So in an attempt to stay patient for the big reveal, how about a trip inside Power Girl's mind for a legality scan, yeah?

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there are things I dislike but overall I'm enjoying it