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In Honor of Batemite and the Finale of B:B&B....

Apparently, Batmite is the reason by Brave and the Bold is getting cancel, not the CN's odd habit of canceling some of their newer shows after 3 seasons, or the the occasional fan favorite that is canned because no toys can be made for it... or if they change the name of the show like it was Coke... (cough)BEN10(cough)...

Let take a look at our favorite 5th-Diemsional fanboy last attempt to hijack a Batman show in his "New York Adventure" in Detective Comics #482.

The story sets up with Allen Milgrom working late, only to be interrupted by the words of "We want Bat-Mite" over and over. And speaking of the devil, the mite appears. He makes Jack harris appears and disappears in 3 panels. Bat-Mite demands his own feature in Batman Family, Allen points out he needs a writer, so Mite summons Bob Rozakis, but he also needs a artist, so in comes a guy in super-shorts walking his miniture poodle... which leads to this.

(Sorry, only 6 pages of the story are in "The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told" and you know the 1/3 law)

Thank all mighty Kirby that there is no SOnic-Mite,... the world could not take him with all the other Sonic-Trollers out there...

A now, a preview clip of Batmite with him some how convincing the suits to drop the show

I am going to miss this show.... we all need some stories that were more fun rather than repetitively dark just to be dark... are we really going to wait till 2013 for the new show?

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Its sad about BTBATB. I loved the show. It introduced me to all sorts of different DC characters I wouldn't have known about if it weren't for the show. Well, at least we have DC Nation to look forward to next year.
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Yeah I'm really gonna miss it too

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Especailly since they actually had me looking forward to appearances by Aquaman of all people!!
Loved the kind of 'Hercules-Lite' take they had on him..