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Young Justice: Secrets - Review and Cameos

Spoilers, obviously.
It's Halloween, and while the rest of the team goes to the Happy Harbour Halloween Dance (they should have made it a Hodown, though that might have been a bit too Hickish), Artemis and Zatanna get up being pursued across NYC by the magically empowered villain Harm, who as a Secret that is coming back to bite him...

I really, really liked this episode. Not as cameo heavy as some of the others so far, but the character interaction between the cast was really good, both in between Zee and Artemis and the guys going to the party, the threat behind the villain was well done and there was actually some emotional impact over the revelation of who the Secret is.

I kind of doubt that this incarnation of the character'll be joining the team though, just saying. She's kind of a heroic ghostly pokemon.

The revelation that Wally and Artemis didn't know that Conner and Megan were dating kind of suprised me. As Zatanna said, wasn't it kind of obvious? Zatanna borrowing Robin's bike was a nice touch, is something going on behind the scenes there or did Zee just nick it?


A double one here, both Harm and Beowulf, who in addition to being from one of the oldest pieces of English literature it was also a DC comic in the vein of Conan the Barbarian who cameoed in Wonder Woman prior to the reboot. The arm the sword's wedged into is presumably Grendel's.

Turning Grendel's arm into a novelty scabbard is kind of harsh. It's like those guys in the Simpsons who stole a football player's severed leg to play like a guitar and drink beer out of.

Megan as a Zombie, Wally as a werewolf and Conner as a burn mummy.

Captain Marvel as a Zombie, his attempts to invite himself along to the team's party, only to be rejected was kind of adorable. Though the idea of him going trick or treated by himself was kind of hilarious.

Artemis and Zatanna though they don't say in these costumes for long (not like that :P),

At the Halloween Party there were one or two fun cameos, Wendy(?) as Black Canary, Bumblebee as her superhero persona and Mal as 90s Superboy for example.

Roy comes back as Robin, Aqualad, Batman and Red Tornado discuss who the mole might be (something tells me this episode aired out of order),


Building cameo!

And Secret's secret.

For the legalities, Raven says what her favourite computer game is

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On that note, Oblivion is only $5 on Steam right now. Perpetually previous-version me (can't afford current games usually) finds this awesome.