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Nightwing #3

Mr.Haly's son was the one that hired the assassin Saiko.
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I think when the writers revolt then DC knows its going to start backtracking (much like this don't call Dick Grayson "Dick" stuff Gail Simone said she was directed by Editorial that pretty much everyone is ignoring).

If DC was going to go full on-reboot (which I think they should have even if a lot of characters and every Robin but Dick would be gone) then they could have gotten away with this 5 year timeline. But as it is now they want the readers to believe that all these people (both heroes and villains) have established relationships/only been active in the last 5 years and pretty much everybody is under 30. Which is untenable. It's difficult enough to swallow that Barbara Gordon is now supposed to be in the same age group as Cass Cain and Tim Drake.
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..and Superman, and Barry Allen, and..What? Aren't they all 20-somethings/early-30s now?

Anyway, that's what I thought. Everybody now has the same age. Batman, Superman, Batwoman, Flash, Batgirl, Nightwing, Booster Gold, etc...
And then there's the mid-teens, Robin, Wonder Girl, etc.

(and then Damian, the only one to have his own different age)