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Spidey's Dream Wedding

I don't even read Spider-man, but I got The Amazing Spider-Man Special Wedding Issue! Giant-Sized Annual #21 1987 bundled with a DC comic I was after, and I always like a surreal superhero dream sequence.

And [ profile] sherkahn's post below reminded me I had it.
PS: Any tagging help would be appreciated. I don't even know who all of those people are...

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Hobgoblin just standing there and saying "die" is comedy gold.

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It's German for "Have a happy marriage spiderman" ;)

(Simpsons joke)

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"Whomever speaks German couldnt possibly be evil."

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This makes me sad. :(

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Thor looks really weird. I can accept that it's not that weird for him not to be clean-shaven, but are those goggles coming out of his helmet?

On the other hand, Thing in a tux is always gold. That should be his default uniform. We can put a 4 on the bow-tie.

[identity profile] 2009-05-21 03:50 pm (UTC)(link) I want my own special formal goggles.

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Do zey do nothing?

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He grew a beard because his face was horribly scarred by his niece Hela. And they're not goggles, there based on the eye-holes some Viking helmets actually had though Thor's are smaller.

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I love how everyone else is in their regular costume except for Ben Grimm, of all people.

I also dig Thor's crazy shades.

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Hey, Ben's a classy guy.

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Well, some say wearing short shorts to a wedding is a fashion faux pas.
However Namor would disagree. And who are we to contradict Namor?