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The Fantastic Four #600

The threats just keep on coming.

And, oh yeah, we learn a truth about the nature of the Negative Zone.

MASSIVE SPOILERS and some gore behind the cut.

The War of Four Cities continues.

The Kree invade.
The Annihilation Wave invades.
The Inhuman king and his wife launch THEIR counter assault.
Namor and his Atlanteans hold the line.

And Earth's defenders hold back the assault on all fronts..

But that's not whatyou are here to see, you've seen it dozens of times in the past 40 years of Marvel. THIS IS what you came to see.

This is how the Human Torch died.

This is what triggered his return.

Turns out you can't really die in the Negative Zone, as the Anti-Priest kept preaching.

Here's how they did it.

And after months of repair and combat arena events and meeting up with the Light Brigade (members of the alien Inhuman elite from the Badoon/Centauri/Dire Wraiths/Kymelian queens) we come to this.

Johnny Storm now leads the Annihilation Wave.

I'm not doing this story justice. You need to get this. It's one of the better "returns" yet to occur in comics.

Welcome back, Johnny.

[personal profile] hyperactivator 2011-11-27 03:24 pm (UTC)(link)
I find it annoying in for the same reason I find it my sister's complaints about my cat sleeping all day or killing small animals annoying.

It's like saying "this rain is too wet" or "this comedy isn't dramatic enough".

False deaths and dramatic reveals are in the Fantstic Four's storytelling DNA. It's a part of the package.

Yet some people seem to upset at this story for being a Fantastic Four story. Just like my sister somtimes informs me that my cat is being weird only for me to find it just being a cat.

So I am mildly annoyed at this.