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Mighty Thor #9 wordless preview

ComicBookResources has the wordless preview for issue #9.

Lots of bare chests.

Have to say this is one of Ferry's better outings so far. Art looks cleaner, and it lends itself to the "fantasy/mythology" well. Must be good inking.

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oooh whois the sexy blond god with the lyre and toga... (that's making me wish for a slight breeze to appear :D
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oooh and the sexy Egyptian (Sumerian?) god who leaves VERY LITTLE to the imagination.... *DROOOOL*
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eexcellent :D

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Blondie's most likely Apollo. The rest, no freakin' idea.
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I'm sure if it wasn't too early in the morning and I wasn't distracted by the sexy Egyptian that I'd be able to dig it up in mythology stock knowledge...

but you know, butts.
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I recognize Shango, Horus, and Tawa from the fight against the Demogorge in Thor Annual #10. I assume the glowy green figure is supposed to be either Indra or Quetzalcoatl, though it looks like the depiction of neither from that issue.

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The blond makes me think Apollo, sun god, so blond makes a certain amount of sense. Also god of music, so the lyre fits, though one might suppose that he'd do more good there as an archer god.
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Music Doth Sooth the Savage Beast

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Yes he could have brought a bow, but would he have done when his quiver ran out of arrows?

This way he can raise his compatriots flagging spirits again and again with the power of music until they defeat the foul pale beast of gargantuan proportions.