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We're back with more Philémon. In the fourth album, Philémon's father accidentally lands in the world of Alphabet Islands.

And when I say he lands there, I mean he literally falls through a hole (well, kinda) in the fabric of reality:

And Philémon has to go save him. This is one of my favourite albums in the series because it contains a voyage aboard the ship-theatre:

And they're putting on a play in the middle of the ocean, and their crowd is a bunch of armchair critics:

And they're not very impressed by the show's quality, the bastards!

(look how bored they look)

Anyway, Philémon and his father get lost in the middle of the ocean, but of course that's not a problem because they're on top of a door and all doors lead somewhere:

In this case, into a beautiful collage theater; his dad saunters in the backstage and gets eaten by, er, a green scale dragon thingy:

But everything always ends in a positive note in this series, so they return home safe and sound:

And finally, a magic trick!

This is actually a downbeat sequence. This magician can't make things come out of his magic hat, but when he turns his back Philémon gets that pink elephant out of it. The problem is that the magician doesn't see it and he thinks Philémon is just trying to make him feel better. Then he puts his hand through the hat and is sucked by it. So I guess the album doesn't end in such a positive note after all.


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