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Heroes! A Guy & his G'nort: Squirrels Unleashed!

Hello everyone!

This is the kinda Bonus Features I usually post on my Heroes! blog.

It's time for some more Heroes!, by yours truly.
It's about darn' time I introduced the greatest Green Lantern of them all. No! Not Hal Jordan! G'nort!

And yes his name is misspelled in his own credit card-title-thingie whichama-call-it.


A guy can recharge those lil' ring-a-ding?!
Ya knew that?!?"


I did say last time that you should expect to see more GLH! until it wins over more fans~
Tremble Galactus, you may be the destroyer of worlds but she's the destroyer of destroyers!!


Guy Gardner's bar seems to get destroyed every week, doncha' think? :P
Can you spot the hidden classic references in this strip??


Penultimate comic strip from last year's original run of Heroes! on deviantArt!

Ted and Booster on a mission for the Justice League.
Always a good way to start a comic and let their interaction carry on a story~
(yeah, I tend to improvise those)

And that is all for this week~

Don't hesitate to comment on those either here on my blog, leave feedback and whatnot!
I do take input from you guys for future ideas!
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Oh Gnor't. You're certainly fearless. If only because you're so clueless. XD

Squirrel Girl stories always crack me up, including yours. Her scaring off Galactus is crackily hilarious.

Booster Peeg and Beetle Wonder is adorable. There's always someone you lose your composure around. <3