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Hey Guys...sooo talking to [personal profile] aeka yesterday and I kinda outed myself when i said my comedy drawing is crap, that I do draw from time to time(god i wish i had more time...)I also write, (And not just humorous little scenes for Robin Inc or "What Happens to Batman whenever some one mentions his Dead Parents" :) I've been working on a story for a while. SO as most of you know i am taking a Graphic Novel Literature class, our previous assignment was a comic book adaptation. We could adapt a scene from a book, a short story, poem, song ect... into an at minimum 8 page "comic". Then Write a pitch for it and a "reaction" to it.

I decided to adapt this story I have been working on (i'm about six chapters in)since really a part of me has always wanted to do this. this is my first attempt at drawing sequential art though. (i mostly do poses and moments) sooo okay yeah no more putting it off.

So i have decided to post the comic i worked on here. (i will also probably post it on my Tumblr and on my as well. )

im eager to hear your feed back.

Warning: contains some nudity and Nick Fury Style implied sex.

Damn, just realized some of the text can't be read... Photobucket Must have shrunk it down a bit...

Not sure what the rules are for legality on personal work... so For Legality:

You're welcome, Shadowpsykie!

Date: 2011-11-30 11:00 pm (UTC)
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I am glad of been of service, Shadowpsykie, and I hope you get a good grade with your comic book. I really wish I had a Graphic Novel class back when I was getting the Bachelor's Degree. Anyhow, you have the talent so use it wisely, amigo.

Now regarding some Miller-ific prose appearing in your narrative, I am just gonna say that it's valid as long as it remains moderated. You can do wonders with that, that's for sure.

I think this picture explains it all :

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