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1 page from the Amazing Spider-Man #675 preview (spoilers)

Courtesy of Newsarama:

I don't know about you folks, but this reminded me of this moment from Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #87:

The thing is, Black Cat saw Spider-Man as the real person, not Peter. Her idea of Spider-Man was that he was this dashing, charming adventurer, not some average, ordinary guy who lived in a modest, one bedroom apartment. And it was this inability to see them as the same person even though she knew they were one and the same is what ultimately contributed to her and Spidey's break-up.

Well, it looks like a virtually similar situation is going on between Peter and Carlie now. Remember this moment from the Spider-Island Epilogue (Amazing Spider-Man #673)?

The difference, however, is that the Black Cat was in love with Spider-Man--the person she considers who Peter really is--while Carlie was in love with Peter--the person she now considers was just "a suit" her platonic best friend wore. Who knew that Carlie actual dressing up as the Black Cat for Halloween in Amazing Spider-Man #647 could now be seen a after-the-fact foreshadowing?
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Re: Pretty Piper Peter Parker Peeking

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Johnny Storm? Took a level in evil? I thought he took a level in dead, but given that this is Marvel, "dead and evil" gets applied a lot.
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Re: Pretty Piper Peter Parker Peeking

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There was a scan here recently that showed him as a general or something of Annihilus, having been through a bit of body horror.

Ah, here we go.