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Newsarama recently interviewed Catwoman penciller Guillem March, and of course, among the questions asked (especially given the still controversial BatCat sex scene at the end of #1) is where the artist himself stands on the topic of sex in comics.

Nrama: From kids to adults, there’s been along of tongues wagging over your new series Catwoman, both with acclaim and concern about how sexual it is. What do you think about sexuality in comics, especially with two well-known characters like Catwoman and Batman?

March: Catwoman is a book for mature readers. 16 year old people and over, as it is rated on the cover with a T+. I think that there should be a place for the books containing sexuality in the market share, even explicit sexuality, and with that I´m not saying Catwoman is explicit, because it isn´t. Real life is explicit, it doesn’t cast shadows everywhere. I’m not going to argue with anybody about if it’s right or wrong to display sexuality between two well-know characters, or the way it’s done in Catwoman. At the end those characters are a property of DC Comics, and nobody can say “this is not how Catwoman should be” because everybody has a different vision of how every character should be. The only right treatment is the current ongoing comic-book, the place where the character is “living”. I hope people like it and follow the series because there is a lot of work behind to make it a good book, funny and entertaining. Both Judd Winick and I are putting a lot of ourselves in it.

Here in Europe, I think we’re more open minded about displaying sexuality in the media, and maybe showing violence is less acceptable than in the US. All the controversy about the ending of issue #1 surprised me a bit.


Oh sigh. Newsarama truthfully asked the wrong question here.

I don't think most people disagree on sexuality deserving a place in comicbooks. In fact, I'd like to think most people are in favour of depicting sexuality and nudity in comics, even in the States despite cultural sensitivity to it. This wasn't the problem people had with the scene though. The problem most people had was that it was (a) exploitive of the characters, (b) was depicted in a way that felt horridly ooc for both characters, (c) served no real purpose in the story, and (d) contained some pretty strong rape overtones on the page where Selina admits that "he protests at first but later gives in."

It's one thing to depict a graphic sex scene between two consenting adults who are enjoying themselves, no matter how kinky or colourful the sex is, and another to depict it in a way that objectifies the characters to the extent of qualifying as wank material.

And hey, since the topic here is sex, how about more Dinah/Ollie for a legality scan?

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(frozen) Re: Mod note - first warning

Date: 2011-12-05 01:06 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] pervymax
I'm sorry: warning for *what*?

What class of citizenship is allowed to define words? Why am I not in that class? How can I qualify? How did you get in?

Or are you assuming that I've never been raped, and thus cannot have a valid opinion on the subject? If so, what are you basing that opinion on? For that matter, even if I hadn't, what makes you think it would be out of bounds for me to have an opinion? This is very kafkaeqsue.

Batman also used his physical force to affect people, including many women, in a way that (s)he had not expected or agreed to. My *entire point* is that the use of force does not, in and of itself, imply, suggest, or introduce rape.

Further, the fact is that there are, in fact, more important things to be worried about. I'm sorry if I felt ths was one of them, and I'm sorry that you don't feel that there are.

Further, I think it's inappropriate for you to engage in argument while muzzling opposing views. If you want to discuss the matter, then make your arguments, and give me an opportunity to answer. If you're enforcing rules, then do so in an impartial way. But insisting on the last word by literally keeping opposing points of view from answering seems like an abuse of authority.

Either be a judge or an advocate:not both. It's clearly unfair.

(frozen) Re: Mod note - first warning

Date: 2011-12-05 04:24 pm (UTC)
salinea: Deadpool has a fucking horned hat on and is ready to kick gum and chew ass. Errr, moderate s_d. (mod hat)
From: [personal profile] salinea
[personal profile] greenmask wasn't engaging your arguments as part of a discussion, she was telling you in which ways your comment was infringing on the rules and ethos of the community. So that you would know how not to repeat such an occasion.

This isn't about categories of people who may define what is rape, this is about engaging in arguments that may be seen as dismissive of rape (in this case, the dangerously false idea that men cannot be raped by women). Rape is obviously a very sensitive subject, one where you should always broach while being careful of how you frame things, regardless of your intent.

The fact that you added dismissive and derailing arguments to your post, as greenmask emphasized, does not help matters.


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