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Casstoons: On a Major Legend of Korra Spoiler


So from the footage leaked from the first episode of the new series, a member of the original team's survival was revealed and I instantly thought of how awkward her relationship with Korra could get in places.

So I riffed a joke from Friends. Because it amused me.

By Me

And thus I created the Kortara fanshipping! Mwhaha! Hm, would a OT3 with the AI from Halo make it a Kortarana?
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Why do you find it weird? Katara was 14 in the original series, and Korra's series takes place 70 years later.

Even in RL it's not at all unusual for people to live past 84, and in the Avatarverse it's not unheard of for characters to live well past 100 (think Bumi, for example). Avatars in particulars can live for several centuries, and the canonical explanation for why Aang died at only around 65 (Aang's age 12 + 70 years - Korra's age 16) is that being frozen in ice for a century weakened him.

If anything, I'd find it very weird if Katara were the only member of the gang who is still alive.
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Yeah, that makes sense. For some reason, I was thinking it took place around one hundred years in the future, but seventy makes more sense.
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Avatars can live for centuries? >_> I've never heard that before, where was that covered?