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GREEN LANTERN #3: A theory on Hal, Sinestro and Batman

While reading GREEN LANTERN #3 I was thinking about Hal, Sinestro, and Batman. And then it hit me like a power ring construct of a giant green boxing glove:

Hal Jordan doesn't like Batman because Batman reminds him too much of Sinestro.

Any validity to this theory? Maybe Geoff Johns is just writing Sinestro to sound as Batman would at his most Batdickish.

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I would read a comic about Hal Jordan getting punched in the face. Repeatedly.
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That would be good.
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It's more than a little crazy how much I detest Hal Jordan. I've only watched Green Lantern: First Flight and the pilot of the Green Lantern Animated Series, and it's just full-on dislike. One decision after another is just irrevocably pointless and stupid and full of *white man-hero exploring the unknown* tropes and..yeah.
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He reminds me of a stupider Captain Kirk.
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I kept thinking of Captain Hammer, personally. Except played straight.
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Apparently Nathan Fillion's mock audition for GL is a sight to behold.
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I've seen this trailer. Don't think I've seen what you're talking about, tho.
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Neither have I, but it's something that IIRC Joss Whedon commented on at a scifi convention and Nathan apparently just sometimes performs when the mood takes him at conventions.

If it's not true, it SHOULD be!
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Your ideas intrigue me. I wish to sign up for your newsletter.
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All the exgirlfriends ever, teaming up.

It would be sweet.
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Same here.