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X-Club Preview

Not sure about this one (Dr Nemesis is not as innately appealling to me as I know he is to others), but....

Newsarama has a preview

Some people you really shouldn't allow to take questions at a PR bash...

Reminds me a little of this other notable scientist who has certain issues with public speaking.

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[personal profile] big_daddy_d 2011-12-08 01:20 am (UTC)(link)
PR RPM...greatest ranger series..ever.

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We interupt this thread to bring you an important announcement:

Sorry but Mighty Morphing Power Rangers trumps all, accept no substitutes.

That is all, we now return to your regularly scheduled thread.
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"also inflicted Tommy on the world"

How dare you
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He was my first long-haired bad boy! For a time! :'O
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[personal profile] greenmask 2011-12-08 08:05 pm (UTC)(link)
He was literally evil!
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I must admit that that is a puzzler.

I try not to think too hard about DinoThunder, though - it enrages me too much that they wrote a red ranger to be THAT boneheadedly sexist (maybe he was cured later, I dunno), AND it housed the Worst Episode Ever Made, aka "Lost and Found in Translation".

No forgiveness, ever.

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Complete ballsup.
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Holy shit, what is that? Power Ranger videos I find funny and NOT kitschy?!

What the hell did I just watch?!?!
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And than Saban got the ball again with Nick, giving us a throw back to Mighty Morphin, and though the crossover with RPM, with just the Red Ranger appearing WITHOUT his teammates while never unmorphing... it was better than nothing.
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So...this will by X-club? a'right...

[personal profile] remial 2011-12-08 04:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Ziggy and Dr. K otp!
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[personal profile] silverzeo 2011-12-08 05:23 pm (UTC)(link)
RPM was SO much fun...