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Nightwing: Dick and other Cringeworthy Comicbook Moments

Warning for nudity, sexism, racism and a horrible instant of "slut shaming".

From the second Nightwing Annual from 2007, here's Dick and Babara's first meeting following the events of the Killing Joke.

Shouldn't the kissing panel me more "Mfffffhhhhh" than "shh"?

Jennifer Walters at the receiving end of one of the worst "slut shamings" in Marvel comicbooks.

Context: the Leader is arguing that gamma radiation poisoning makes people not responsible for their actions, which is the logic used to excuse Dr Banner for the Hulk's frequent rampages, so legally his megalomaniac tendencies aren't his fault either. As more evidence of this, he has his lawyer bring up a full list of the people Jennifer slept with as She-Hulk versus ones as herself to be entered as evidence of how gamma radiation effects her judgement, or something.

Legal explanation or not, it still seems to be as about as liable in court as that time in Veronica Mars where a defence lawyer uses Mars' confidential medical records to damage her statement.

Wonder Woman had the patience of a saint in the old days...

Come to think of it, so must have Sue...

And Kathy Kane...

The Beast appears to be either a master of sarcasm, or he's trying to spare Jean's feelings.

Oh, Billy, no! Bad idea! Bad idea! No stop!

*facepalm* Editors, you're not helping!

Up Next, depending on if it's in the public domain, I'll be analysing this,

It's a terrible comic both in ways that should be obvious, and ways that aren't.

If it's not in the public domain, I'll be doing a special on Jack Chick instead.
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[personal profile] freezer 2011-12-08 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
You'd think a lawyer would be better able to answer such a question. Sure, "I don't recall" or "I don't know" won't look very good for purposes of answering the question, but she wouldn't be handing the defense buckets of ammo by going over the entire list.
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That would also be lying under oath (since she DOES remember) and the lawyer is more than likely already aware of the entire list but wants Jen to admit it openly.
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[personal profile] freezer 2011-12-08 07:25 pm (UTC)(link)
"I don't know" is one of those things where everybody knows that's not the truth, but unless you can prove it (you have explicit proof of said knowledge or that he should have known and only didn't because he didn't want to), it gets a pass.

It's like asking a porn star how many scenes she's shot. You might have an itemized list, but is it really plausible that she'd know them all?

And again, a lawyer like Jen should've known not to broach the subject at all.
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[personal profile] icon_uk 2011-12-08 09:54 pm (UTC)(link)
I suspect the lawyer asking the questions, probably would be quite prepared to subpoena everyone on the list she'd have drawn up before preparing this line of questioning.
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[personal profile] freezer 2011-12-08 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
And, in the real world, be shot down almost immediately for going beyond the scope of the charges.

Hell, Jen could've just pleaded the fifth and avoided the whole shooting match.
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[personal profile] shadowpsykie 2011-12-09 02:26 am (UTC)(link)
Hell, Jen could've just pleaded the fifth and avoided the whole shooting match.

Track This

yeah she could have... but it would not have looked good for her either.

ugh.... lawyers... trust me... i work for them...