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Another hero has passed away: Jerry Robinson

Jerry Robinson has today passed away. Though it was often disputed he's best know for being the creator or co-creator of the Joker. But regardless his work and part in the creation of the Bat Mythos is the stuff of legend today. Needless to say he's one of DC's greats.

And of course as having created the Joker he made a character almost as world renowned as Batman and Robin themselves.

Thanks to Jerry Robinson Joker's existed for so long that much like Batman he's been used in a number of ways. Thus I have to say my favorite shall always be of what if the Joker were a hero from The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society as we meet the Jokester of Earth-3. I've seen Jerry at a couple of New York comic conventions, I was hoping one day to get him to sign my page from this issue, but alas that time has passed.


I should preface this a bit in that this took place during Countdown as the Challengers of Beyond (Jason Todd, Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner and Bob the Monitor searched for Ray Palmer who vanished into the Multiverse after the events of Identity Crisis and the team went world to world in a handful of one shots searching for Ray before meeting Jokester in Countdown #31.

This story took place between the pages of that issue and the next more or less. The Crime Society is bearing down on the Jokester and the Challengers.

We get introduced to Jackie, presumably Jackie Napier a down on his luck comedian. The owner of the club he practices in asks him why he keeps trying, when well...Jackie sucks. Jackie relates having met the beautiful Evelyn Dent who he was in love with and the two were together for quite sometime before one day she mysteriously vanished. She always told him that he was just so funny and because of that he kept trying to break into the show business. The owner tells him if he's going to do that he'll need some kind of signature move. "A HOOK! Something that makes you more than just another Joker. More than just a PERSON, get me?"

And the inspiration arrived in the form of a winged animal flying through the window.


I'm not sure why Owlman would kill Mikey instead of Jackie for missing the payment but I guess Jackie owes payments too but Mikey was the one who didn't pay yet?

And with that Jackie became an overnight hit, deciding he'd capitalize on making fun of Owlman.


Owlman was in the limo and jut killed Harley before he begins to attack Jackie.


And thus Owlman scars Jackie's face and he goes a bit mad. He swears vengeance against Owlman and thus becomes the Jokester. Presumably the white skin he has as the Jokester is makeup to help hide the scars a bit, as Owlman apparently cut open his lips on the sides to widen Jackie's smile.


Thus it seems for years Jokester and Owlman (and Talon) fought on and off like Batman and Joker do with neither side ever getting a real win. One day they're battling and Jokester's starting to lose when he gets some surprise help from another trio. Three-Face, Riddler and Riddler's Daughter aka Duela Dent. 

Making a joke about being annoyed he was saved by them, getting ready to cash in his life insurance policy and all...he see Three-Face laugh and he recognizes her. It was Evelyn Dent, his old girlfriend. Questioning her.

Three-Face replies "Eve's ONE of us, sure. The WEAK one." "The one DUMB enough to get herself knocked up by a LOSER like you!"

The first line was said in a yellow text bubble and the second in a blue. With the implication that Eve has multiple personalities who were spawned to deal with stresses that Eve herself couldn't, like actual people who have them.

And yes this was also finally a solid origin for Duela Dent who since her debut in 1976 she never had an origin that stuck though I'm not sur if we'll ever know the origin of the Pre-Crisis Duela given her origin HERE specifically is related to the post 52 Multiverse's Earth-3.


I do feel back for Riddler though. Seems he was managing to lose his wife and daughter to Jackie all at the same time.

"Things were bound to turn to POOP."

We find out Duela has a boyfriend one they've already met. Talon aka Owlman's sidekick who is this Earth's Jason Todd (or so newsarama once stated in an interview that's since vanished). Jokester and the family get livid and force the two lovebirds to flee.

Duela: B-But it's NOT a joke... We wanted your BLESSING to get MARRIED, DADDY...
Jokester: Don't you CALL me that. Not ANYMORE. YOU'RE NOT MY DAUGHTER.

Oh and I should probably point out that this was a way of reconciling all of Duela's past history to a degree. At different time's she's believed herself to be Riddler, Joker and Two-Face's daughter thus here Three-Face and Jokester are her parents and her step-dad was Riddler plus her old being a semi girlfriend with Robin was reconciled by her being in love with Talon.


And then we get back to the present. Where after evading the Society for some time since Riddler's death and Eve's apparent death the Society was finally preparing to kill Jokester when the Challengers appeared and lended him a hand. 

Bob the Monitor figures out Ray Palmer isn't on this Earth either and they decide to leave the world and Jackie jumps along with them.


And yes this ending was sad in a bunch of ways. Riddler died. Eve was maimed but survived getting a prosthetic limb and Jackie didn't realize she was still alive. Plus as some may remember Duela was actually already dead at this point, having been killed by a Monitor at the start of Countdown for not belonging to this world (as it seems implied she somehow had the ability to go universe to universe by herself but to be severely disoriented by it and thus seem crazy) and yes, as many know the Jokester died just very shortly after this. Talon and Three-Face haven't appeared since this story which is a shame.                                                                               
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Sad about him passing away...
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And I believe that that means the last of the original Bat-creators is no longer with us...

Thank you Mr Robinson, you may never have guessed what you would create at the time, but you created it magnificently.

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Wasn't he also the one who came up with the idea of a sidekick named Robin because of Robin Hood?
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Finally my psychology A level is useful

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I'm impressed with the meaningful naming of Three Face. The first diagnosed case of multiple personality disorder was with a woman named Eve (by the press at least) with three dominant personalities, Eve White, Eve Black and Jane.

Someone really did their research assuming it's not just a huge coinsidence that I'm reading too much into.
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I always imagined the Antimatter Universe, unlike Earth-3, would be much more 'opposite' than this one - their Joker would be a parody of grim-n-gritty anti-heroes, ala the Punisher. He'd be called the Executioner (i.e., members of a royal court - the jester, the executioner), wear stealth makeup over a face covered in bruises, a green army coat and a permanent red frown.

His origin would have been starting out as a Kick-Ass-esque local do-gooder called The Green Hood (after Robin Hood, natch), who used his army training to evade Owlman and help out the poor. He gets tortured and dunked in chemicals by Owlman's gang, giving him a permanent frown and black chemical bruises; he takes this as a sign that he should switch from Robin Hood iconography to that of King John's headsman.

He would maybe have an arc in which he beats Talon over the head in self-defence, giving him terminal amnesia and allowing him to be remoulded as the new Green Hood.

Or one in which Owlgirl (Boss Gordon's daughter, spying on Owlman for her daddy) breaks her ankles when Executioner foils a bank robbery she was involved in, then kidnaps her and helps treat her injuries while using psychological torture to try to get Boss Gordon to give himself up to Commissioner Wayne.

Probably wouldn't have caught on as instead of telling jokes he'd probably just spout depressive couplets and haikus before Owlman seriously injured him.
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Words cannot describe how amazing that would be.
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I thank you!
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R.I.P :(
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RIP Mr. Robinson :(

I always loved the universe of the Crime Society! Such a fun and interesting concept, a fun exploration of the DC heroes through their opposite :P