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First (Proper) Appearance of Steph Brown in the DCnU!

One coloured but unlettered page from Leviathan Strikes!

Hm, interesting, that skull faced girl at the back seems to be wearing a variation of Kathy Kane's Batwoman costume.
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If anyone is in Peril on that page, I'd say it would be the people going up against Steph. She's constantly in Danger, like all Supes, it's just part of the job.
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That's...really not the point.
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I seem to have missed it then...?
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The problem with Peril scenarios, isn't that the woman is in danger, it's the fact that it's being sexualized. It's fetishizing violence against women, and that's creepy.
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This situation is being sexualized???
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It's skirting the line (if you forgive the pun), it's not like they're being blatant, with Steph and the other girl being in their underwear, and the other girls wearing latex dominatrix outfits, but I can certainly understand why other people find this scene problematic or uncomfortable.

And as someone pointed out, showing a black girl with a noose around her neck is just...ew.
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I think it would racist to exclude specific races from a situation like that. I kind sort of see where you're coming from, but I guess I just don't see skin colors like others do. Everyone just looks the same to me. (multiracial family)