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In addition to the usual disclaimer about the language, this one features some brief gore and disturbing sexual situations, so be warned.

As I stated last time, I'm starting off with the tenth issue because, while it's a stand-alone issue, it ties in with the current arc. The trades did this as well.


So basically J. Jonah Jameson has employed Jessica Jones and her services to deduce who Spider-Man is. He will Have Ben Urich help her.

Jessica agrees to takes on the case.

Two months later, Jonah gets an update on her progress and isn't happy.

Ben tells Jonah to drop it because if he goes after her for helping out orphans he'll only end up looking bad.


Jessica discovers she has an unwanted visitor...

Jessica calls Clay Quartermain from S.H.I.E.L.D. and finds out that the intruder was Mattie Franklin, who had a brief stint as the third Spider-Woman.


Needless to say, Jonah's not happy...

Jessica leaves a message on Drew's answering machine and schedules a meeting with Madame Web.


Via the young kid that's always hanging around Jessica's office, Jessica meets someone who claims to have known Mattie.

Jessica finds out that the guy she's looking for practically lives at the back of the club.


Jessica wakes up outside the club. Ben Urich is there. Jonah had hired him to follow her. She explains the situation to him, and he asks her if they had protruded foreheads like cavemen.

Back at her apartment, Jessica is ambushed.


The two Jessicas do some investigating and track down Denny Haynes, the drug dealer who has Mattie, to a nearby hotel.


Six weeks later, Marla and Mattie pay Jessica a visit at her office.

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