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JMS vs Steve Wacker: It's On

Hoo boy, this is getting good. JMS posted a graph showing the sales on Amazing Spider-Man have fallen since his departure (and the start of the BND status quo) on his Facebook, and needless to say Steve Wacker ain't too happy about it.

Too much to summarize, so you can read all about it here. What I find hilarious is how Wacker points out how they had the most successful issue of the last 15 years, but doesn't mention that it's the one with Barack Obama on the cover right after he was elected. Anyone want to guess why that was a huge success?

For legality...

This comes from (of course) Amazing Spider-Man #50.
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Way to go Waid. Still doesn't make some of JMS' points any less valid, though. And Wacker comes across as his usual diplomatic self - I like how he still tries to sell books in amongst telling someone to fuck off. Waid's defense also reeks of self-preservation, given he actually wrote some of those 130 issues, and let us not forget that he's also been quite candid about DC and Dan Didio's attitude, at times.