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Please don't hate me for this

Greetings true believers. Beneath this cut lies a presumptuous question, a heartfelt plea and a delightful scan featuring an arachnid themed hero rescuing a diamond encrusted damsel.

Okay first the question. I realise this is terribly presumptuous of me considering I only joined recently and this is my first post but would it be okay if I posted a couple of pages from my comic Robins Anonymous here?

God that sounds so pathetic. The reason I ask is because I need a little help on the portrayal of some of the Robins, as I’m only really familiar with Jason, Damien and Steph, and the only person I know who know’s there have been more than two Robins is my girlfriend and she wont critise me. I understand completely if you don’t want me to taint your beautiful archives and won’t be offended.

For legality here’s a doodle of Steph and the promised scan.

I don't think it's alredy been posted but if it has I'll change it. I'm really sorry if I did something wrong.
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Nothing wrong with webcomics, we get quite a few fan comics popping up from time to time.

You need to put some commas between your tags, though right now it's one big long tag.