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Please don't hate me for this

Greetings true believers. Beneath this cut lies a presumptuous question, a heartfelt plea and a delightful scan featuring an arachnid themed hero rescuing a diamond encrusted damsel.

Okay first the question. I realise this is terribly presumptuous of me considering I only joined recently and this is my first post but would it be okay if I posted a couple of pages from my comic Robins Anonymous here?

God that sounds so pathetic. The reason I ask is because I need a little help on the portrayal of some of the Robins, as I’m only really familiar with Jason, Damien and Steph, and the only person I know who know’s there have been more than two Robins is my girlfriend and she wont critise me. I understand completely if you don’t want me to taint your beautiful archives and won’t be offended.

For legality here’s a doodle of Steph and the promised scan.

I don't think it's alredy been posted but if it has I'll change it. I'm really sorry if I did something wrong.
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Your art looks nice (Steph looks both badass and super cute!). :) I know I personally wouldn't object to seeing more of it. And it's not terribly unusual to see webcomics around here.

Also, you could check the tags for Dick and Tim if you want to brush up on some more info about them. They're both pretty popular in this community, so there should be plenty of entries.