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USA Today Leaks How Barbara Gordon got her Spine Back

Massive Spoilers
Apparently she went to a clinic in South Africa that specialised in spinal injuries, and that's how her paralysis was cured after three years as Oracle.

IF that is the case and not just some misinformation on the part of Gail, that explanation...

Kind of leaves me underwhelmed. On the one hand, it's definately not the cop-out, cheap explanation of "her injuries weren't as bad as she thought" or "Zatanna cured you with a potion made from ground up pixies and the dreams of orphaned stampcollectors!", and is actually something of a credible explanation in reality as well...

But I don't know, something about it just doesn't seem to gel. Doesn't really have an umph impact or something.

Also, heh, so both Steph and Barbara spent some time in Africa to recover from plots involving their injuries/deaths? Okay then.

For legality, a Christmasy moment with Harley and Babs,

Ah, Kara/Babs one of the less pronounced friendships in the DCAU. Apparently they're close enough to spend Christmas together (as opposed to Kara spending it with Clark and the Kents) as stated in the Justice League Christmas episode.
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They have good, relatively cheap hospitals there I think. I remember there was a thing a few years back of people from the UK going there for surgeries as the queues were shorter than the ones back home etc.

Because this is an issue when your clan patriarch has a bajillion dollars.

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There's some truth to it, but consider the excuse that Oracle gave for decades--she didn't want to cheat and use super-science to fix her injuries when others couldn't. But now we're in an age where people getting surgeries to fix spinal injuries is actually becoming semi-feasable, it makes sense that they'd go that route.

Also, one of Babs' top traits over the decades was her severe independent streak. I think she would feel like she would have to be entitled and weak to Bruce if she asked for his help.
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I think she would feel like she would have to be entitled and weak to Bruce if she asked for his help.

Which is not an attitude I would suggest was one to be encouraged, there's no shame in asking a friend for help.

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I agree--but it's flaws like that which make these characters interesting. The way Gail's writing Babs reminds me a lot of how she wrote the Secret Six, full of complexity and while Babs is legitimately a hero, she isn't perfect either.
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Who then went on to play annoying misogynistic pain in the arse Tony DiNozzo in NCIS
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he's gotten better. he's a much better character in recent seasons especially since his relationship with jean... but YEAH there was many an episode where i wanted to PUNCH HIM SO HARD IN THE FACE!
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Nope, still want to punch him repeatedly. He doesn't respect privacy or show respect to his colleagues. He's also fairly pointless as he adds nothing unique to the team; Gibbs is smarter, Ziva is more dangerous and Timothy is brainier.
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DiNozzo is there for the BST with Ziva. Period. Well that, and I think they're pushing the idea that when he gets the hell over himself and grows up, he'll basically be Gibbs Jr.
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My boyfriend showed me Dark Angel and I was like "WHOA, DUDE ORACLE!" when I saw him. XD